I basically stole these from my dad. We've had them in constant operation for what is now close to 30 years. I really like them and wish I never have to replace them. It has provided absolutely no emotional support whatsoever at times of crisis. I am a grown-up! A big, strong man! Yes. That's what it is. This has since fallen down and I didn't bother to replace it. I guess this is a good analogy for my interest in Death's music. Drawn at age 11 or so. I partly regret it since I am no longer very heavily into them. Too much bad music for such an once-talented band. I have blue-tac'ed one of the seminal technothrash masterpieces to my wall. I am very fond of it and have discreetly reused parts of the text on it in comics of mine. Actually first of a two-part full-page ads for some Magic: The Gathering expansion or another that ran in Wizard magazine about uh... 13 years ago? The ads were named 'Paradise Found' and 'Paradise Lost' respectively. The pictures are both beautiful watercolor works, but I kept the first one because it was not cluttered with ad insignia. Drawn by the ultimately mediocre painter Chris Achilleos. I still love Moorcock's Eternal Champion novels and I can't say that for much other fantasy. Remnants from when this room used to be my father's room. A good poster, still. For a gig I did with Voidhead. to somewhere on the outskirts of nowhere, on the verge of indecision I seem to have lost this one. Dad collects strange things, sometimes he gives them to me as 'gifts' whereas he means that to be 'storage'. This is an amazing human caricature that 21st century artists would be very hard-pressed to match! I don't even know what's on there, I haven't looked at it for years. Very beautifully drawn image by that Vampire flagship artist whose name I can never remember. I lost some of my admiration for him once I realized how heavily his drawings are referenced from photographs. Rusty and underused, kinda like my classical finger-picking skills. Various titles of various books ranging from something very interesting to lots of not quite as much. I am trying to become a better player lately. I do not enjoy playing or practicing, but I enjoy composing and recording so it's more difficult than fun for me to push my skill forward. where the REAL magic happens! for the leathered (and denim'd!) armies have prevailed, the phantom lord has never failed! That part of it slopes downwards, making RADICAL EXTREMIST upside-down sleeping impossible. of creativity I used to store all my old CDs (having since fully digitized my music) but I had to take that whole piece of furniture out as it was resting on the side of the radiator (not pictured) and this was just asking for a plumbing incident. I have other plans for all these old CDs now... where symbols of different times and cultures all congregate to the same church happily Since the taking of this picture this has also fallen down and not retrieved. Again, much like my interest in this sup-par german speed metal band. You are either very observant or very skilled in pixel-hunting from oldschool adventure games. In either case, there is no reward for your vigilance. Perhaps this will help deprogram you. Always wondered what's behind these things. It won't budge. Dragonspell by Chris Achilleos (again). This was my hands-on art appreciation class for a lot of years. At first I loved this poster (15 years ago). Now I can go on a tiredless tirade about the many, many errors in how it has been painted. This was for Halloween, by the way. You can tell I don't wear suits usually by that atrocious tie knot. I have never been to Wacken Open Air regardless of what this sticker might suggest. Such a tasteless joke.