Promotional poster for the fanzine I am part of. We won 'Best Fanzine' last year at the Comicdom Convention, wee! It's also quite good, perhaps I'll have Johnny translate some of it for you! My favourite picture of my father as a young artist. He's now an old artist! is now a wall poster. It's quite beautiful. Helping me to fight my irrational fears of redheads. Friends and family and things that make me smile when I look up. A useful psychological tool. By Graham Lackey. The other half exists only in Idea Space. King of Sweden. I miss him a lot! If you'd believe it. Children hugging. I never even look at it, as nobody does with stock photos. I will take it down tomorrow. Whose face I see in real life as much now as I do on my wall. There's three generations of Stavropouli in that photo and we all look alike. Holding a pet rabbit. He died of a heart attack when a dog chased him. My first international trip to meet SCARY INTERNET PEOPLE. After the raping was done it was smooth sailing.I count a lot of people in this photo to be very close friends today so I guess it all worked out! Made by American friend Eric and mailed as payment for a small art job I did for him. As this was my first ever payment for art, I have decided to put it on the wall. This is the actual newspaper clipping documenting the demise of Steve Vahaviolos. Told you it was real. of a french actor I found pretty. Not sure why this is on the wall, though. of various thoughts I had once thought worth documenting forever on the wall RIGHT ACROSS FROM MY FACE, the multitude of which would better be notebook fodder. They can no longer be erased! what happens after this is over? Has since been replaced with a widescreen LCD monitor. This one is off to my brother's shop. If you think this is cramped, you should see how the desk looked with an oldschool hugemonitor on it. Useful for reference. with awful stale cookies in it. of bigger or lesser importance. This is the pile of things I don't want to deal with most of the time. Much better than the old dirty untercomputer. Never being the one to settle for straightforwardness, you should see the various ways I've devised for scrap paper to land in there from throws from the chair. Mad richocetting skills, I tell you. I promised I'd never get any of these new wavy keyboards ever but my friend Nick insisted they're better and now that I've gotten used to them, they are! I must trust Nick more! Pray for your life for I'm hunting for prey! The prowler is on the PROWWLLLL!!! Box full of spare change. FOR PROTECTION. I love the Cintiq although it was trouble to get working. I can't do without it now. I will show you how it works later on. A bunch of empty dvds and batteries, really. This is the source of my power. Would that be slight unrestlessness? The sound of one hand clapping is the smell of a sudden realization. I think it's charming. This is my child desk. I, much like Angus Young and his school uniform have sworn to either make it with it or not at all! I seriously don't know what's in the bottom drawers though and am afraid to find out. It eats cyborg cheese. Good strong book of values for good strong sense of cybernautical navigating. Never leave Motherland without sextant of morality. Belonged to grandmother. Almost falling apart but still faithfully serving man.

Dutiful That probably rule. I haven't looked. Father's collection. How could he have better taste than I?! I do not want to validate that conclusion. I love the new computer! Grandmother's gift. I love it. Sadly not very sturdy. It's a tiny black cat, really! I think that's a paw and a face. Fates Warning, Cirith Ungol and Lordian Guard drawings on it. Somebody saw another picture of it on the internet one time and said derisively 'Helm that isn't so much a jacket as it is a teenage math notebook' thinking he had scored me a great internet wound. I agree with him completely though! You pick up the towel. It's bound to come in handy. Gift from a Texan aquaintance. As much as this reeks with awesomeness, I don't wear hats. If I did, this would be it. It stares at me when I work. It keeps time. It tells my employers if I ever skip on them. This has served me well for more than 14 years. Seriously. Just in a huge pile. Easily retrievable and a huge benefit for any working artist. For when the keyboard is just not cutting it. There's seriously lots of pipes in this picture. See it's barely holding together! She's so shy. Just old comics and zines and computer mags. I am the least 'collector' comic artist I know. Most of the stuff I really need I've found in digital form. I have no respect for hard copy, strangely. There's also some dirty comics in there somewhere. A horrible mishmash of RPG books, history, fiction and philosophy. Full of sound strategy of both the most opaque and transparent type. Again, rpgs, history, fantasy, fiction and a microphone. Plus: cables. Minuscule fascist how much I loathe you. Your punctuality is dehumanizing and your precision is despair. Some day you will run out of batteries and what will you do then? Will you be able to change them yourself? Hah! Also called ''. Most of the magic actually, really happens here. My only bunch to be exact. Never doing that again. I don't even want to think about it. I guess it's telling that my most useful in terms of real estate shelf is the one I make the less practical use of. Mainly for reference. Again: rpgs, a telescope, greek UNO, philosophy, a collection of screws, fiction, Acrylic paint, history. In your 2d world, the secrets of the side of the bookshelf will forever be inapproachable to you. Get a 3dfx voodoo card, idiots! behind the desk. Will you retrieve me? of the light hitting the DVDs on the desk. THIS is how much I understand lightsources, plebs! I am not compassionateness. You are likely to be met with Interactive Fiction references. There is also a photo of a woman in a wet dress here, her head and arms have been cut off, leaving only her back down to her knees. This tells the viewer the sexual tastes of the artist.